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Smarter, data-driven approach to reducing injuries.


ZIEL is the key to unlocking the data behind your physical activity.


Initially aimed at the baseball segment, our patent pending wearable device combines muscle sensors and motion analysis to objectively identify harmful pitching. Get quick accurate feedback on your smartphone for every throw. However, the best part is that this same technology can be applied to any repetitive physical activity- workouts, marathon running, repetitive stress injuries in the workplace, you name it.

Our 4th prototype is currently in development, and we've been working tirelessly to make pitching injuries a thing of the past. Follow along with us on our blog!


60% of high school baseball pitchers suffer from debilitating arm injuries, and over half of them either don't return to baseball or have limited careers. This pervades all the way to professional baseball, where a quarter of the pitchers taking the mound have had surgery on their arms. Two factors are the major culprits - improper technique and muscle overexertion. The key is to get data on both factors, so that better informed and more comprehensive decisions can be made to preserve pitchers' arms. 

It’s not just baseball pitchers who could stand to benefit from this technology, however, as any repetitive motion can be analyzed by the technology. That could mean widening the circle to quarterbacks in football, soccer players and factory workers at risk from repetitive strain issues.
— Engadget
Meet the 15 most innovative startups from 15 different colleges around America...Company: Ziel Solutions. What they do: Ziel Solutions develops wearable technology to help minimize the risk of injury from repetitive physical activity.
— Forbes