From Ziel Solutions to Ziel Sensory

It's often said that a path to creating a successful startup is nonlinear. We had many stops and starts, but ultimately we were able to keep ourselves treading water long enough to enter a new phase for Ziel - Ziel Sensory. Led by myself and John Frullo, another fellow Rice grad, we have hit a series of incredible milestones to put us on a clear road to what we aim to achieve. We were recognized as one of the Top 500 Early Stage Science Startups Worldwide last year and were featured in places like Sports Illustrated and MLB Network. We're nearing completion of a hardware demo, filed for a full patent, and even hired our first employee, Jorge Quintero! This is an exciting time for Ziel, so we hope you continue to support us on this journey.


Back in the Spotlight

We may have left some of our followers in the dark over the last year, partly by design and partly by factors outside of our control. However, our focus here at Ziel on unlocking the data behind all physical activity remains as strong as ever, and we've come out of these last few months even more ready to realize our visions. Our prototypes are almost finished, beta testing will soon follow, and some exciting partnerships are in the works. We're back in the spotlight now, and what better way to set the tone than with features in places like TechCrunch, Engadget, and Wareable while being named among the Top 500 Early Stage Science Startups Worldwide by Hello Tomorrow! Stay tuned because the gears have really started turning. 

It's getting time for the holidays- A fall update!

The fall semester has been keeping us busy, but we've made several important strides. We're working on our 4th prototype, talked with the Houston Astros, and have further refined our business model. We won 3rd place in the OPEN Houston Business Pitch Challenge. And for the kicker, we won the RECESS Rice Pitch Competition, which means we'll be flying to Los Angeles in January to pitch in the national finals to investors- exciting stuff! We might have a few more surprises in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

One week of OwlSpark Gone by + Shark Tank!

The summer has begun in full force and not even floods could keep us out of the TMCx space. Only a week into OwlSpark, we're already learning so much about crystallizing our value propositions and business model. Plus we pitched at the casting call for Shark Tank last Saturday, so fingers crossed! 

Here's the link to the article from the Houston Chronicle about the Shark Tank auditions - ZIEL was featured, so be sure to give it a read.