Senthil Natarajan, CEO

Nationally decorated electrical engineer out of Rice University at the intersection of data analytics, tech, and sports. Redesigning portfolio analytics and risk models at Capital One. Mapped new investment strategies at Mercury Fund Venture Capital. Oversaw student startup initiatives on OwlSpark Accelerator Board of Directors. Awarded by the NBA for work in basketball analytics. Recognized by Bruce J. Heim Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and Army ROTC for biomedical research into ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).


John Frullo, CTO

Published Biorobotics student out of Rice University. 4+ years experience with biomechanics, micro controllers, and statistical learning for biomechanics and rehabilitation applications. Designed electromyography reflex sensing device, advanced leg prosthetics, and exoskeletons as an undergraduate. Recognized as Most Outstanding Bioengineering Student in 2016 by Texas Society of Professional Engineers.


Jorge Quintero, Embedded Systems Engineer

Ziel's first full time employee, specialized in Analog and Digital ASIC design and embedded systems. Designed groundbreaking IC semiconductor technology and wireless pacemaker technology for noninvasive applications in research at MIT. Former IEEE Co-President of the Rice University Student Branch and Vice President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at Rice, recognized as the most outstanding small student chapter for consecutive years.


Ziel Advisors